Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"Re-Imagining Water" Presented in New Orleans

I had the wonderful opportunity to give my multimedia presentation about water in New Orleans on Earth Day April 22, 2012. For people who survived Katrina and live below sea level in most places in their city, talking about water is a whole different thing.
Since part of my presentation focuses on how we are convinced we need to buy bottled water, even though it is tested for impurities far less than municipal water, and people in New Orleans are taught to be afraid of their local water, it was an interesting Q & A afterward. I encouraged them to read the reports from their local water boards and compare them to other cities as I did to learn the truth - their water is fine to drink most of the time and they know nothing about the sources for the bottled water they pay a great deal for every day.
They were open to the idea of using water filters in their homes and getting reusable water bottles. I proudly showed them my Tap Back The Tap bottle and told them about Hopefully, a little bit of change will happen in time.

They did like my slogan: "Where there are faucets, there is wasted water," and appreciated our free flowing water in a new way. And i learned more about the raging side of water in their Katrina stories. Water is both benign and fierce, worthy of respect either way.