Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Water in the Sky

Cloud in Mexico        Photo: Mara Alper
           What are clouds but water in the sky? Their constant shape shifting and motion fascinate me. They give advance notice of the weather, augur change. Many farmers understand how clouds and winds reveal the coming weather. I learn from them.
            These water vapors glide across the earth, no boundaries, no countries, only one planet to roam, formed and transformed by wind and water.  They may well be the most flexible form we know, mutable with every moment.
            Clouds soothe me. I can look up at the sky any time and be lost in the stories they tell. Where they come from, what shape they are each passing moment – like Hamlet, I see their creature forms. Once, after a difficult journey, strained from fear and fatigue, I looked up and saw the clouds in a perfect dragon shape, saying: be not afraid. I was calmed.

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