Thursday, February 24, 2011

Daily Water Rituals in All Forms: Liquid, Gas, Solid

Wash my face (turn off the faucet while washing)

Brush my teeth (turn off the faucet while brushing)

Heat water for my tea or coffee. Watch steam water vapor rise (filtered water from my kitchen               faucet)

Drink many glasses of water each day (filtered water from my kitchen faucet)

Refill my cat’s water bowl (filtered too, why not!)

Water my plants (about 25 of them, my own indoor jungle, green all year - regular tap water plus water recycled from boiled egg water, steamed vegetable water, whatever good water I can save— still need to collect from shower water too)

Watch frozen water out my window, bright white snow, dazzling icicles.

Take a shower (chlorine filter, low flow shower head not yet installed – guilt. Appeased by only             showering for a short times a few times a week, not every day.)

Wash dishes (using the smallest amount of water possible, as if camping in an arid region as I've seen in the dry mountains of Mexico with the Huichol tribe. I imagine them and others with little water as I wash, although I am fortunate to live in a moist region) 

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  1. Your last paragraph on this post made me laugh thinking back on us with the Huichol at the end of dry season. At least you are blessed not having to use those wipes obsessively like we had to in order to wipe off all the red adobe like dirt we were caked in.

    I still remember and feel guilty for using a bit more water than necessary to help clean those dishes with the Huichol family we were staying with. I thought Isabel was going to kill me. Lesson learned! I have been super conscious since.


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